Best 5 Weed Eater on Wheels

Having trouble keeping weeds under control? Well, allow the Weed eater on wheels to help you get back your peaceful sleep and mind. 

The Walking behind String Trimmer, also referred to as the Weed eater on Wheels is a special user friendly machine that was designed with you in mind just to help you get even the most stubborn weeds in complete check. 

Therefore, this write-up has reviews on 5 different types of Walk behind String Trimmers, which will be your guidance in making the right choice when it comes to purchasing the machine for your own convenience. 

Common Features of the Trimmers


The Weed eater String Trimmer on Wheels consist of gas powered engines, hence the name ‘Gas Powered weed eater on Wheels’. A good number of Weed eater String on Wheels’ engines also come with the recoils starter that can easily be switched on by pulling the cord. 


All the Weed eater String Trimmers on Wheels have 2-4 wheels that allow them to be moved with ease on uneven terrain. 

Cutting Swath:

Walk behind String Trimmers come with well-designed cutting swath that are mostly 22 inches, and have the capacity to cover very large spaces while you walk behind the finished works without stress. 

What to keep in Mind when buying the Walk behind String Trimmer

Size of your working Space:

To get the best and convenient Gas powered Weed eater on Wheels, one must keep in mind the size of their working space, as this will help in choosing a machine that will deliver the best results. 

Transportation and Storage:

It is one thing to purchase a product, and another thing to transport as well as store it the right way. When the two are not properly considered, they would affect the results you get. 

For this reason, it would be ideal to get the Weedeater on Wheels that can easily be folded or assembled when dismantled for storage or transportation’s sake.

Walk Behind String Trimmer Reviews

1.Remington RM1159 Walk-Behind High-Wheeled String Trimmer

Warranty:               2 Years

Cutting Diameter: 22ʺ

Engine Size:           159cc

Line Size:               0.155ʺ

Price:                     $$$

This weed eater on Wheels is among the best-selling trimmers on the market as it has capacity to trim garden beds, as wells as provides excellent trimming around the fences. 

The job of having the best landscaping borders has come with ease since the push Weed eater on Wheels also consists of the offset trimmer that allows the user to even have access to the most difficult areas within the working space. 

Perhaps, is the mobility capacity one of your biggest concerns with the Walk behind String Trimmer? Let it not worry you anymore as the trimmer comes with 14 inch ball-bearing wheels, which have made making movements easier even through rough terrains. 

This special purpose tool is a must-have for all, even for people with minimal storage capacities. This is so because the machine is specially designed with a comfortable handle that can be folded, thereby making storing and transportation easier for the users. 

Working with this trimmer is not only easy but fun as well. How? The Trimmer has got capacity to be adjusted into three positions using a single lever for height adjustments, which in turn helps the user to have total control on how the lawn ought to look.

With all the special features in place as outlined above, you no longer need to worry about the weeds around you.


  • Can easily adjust to three possible convenient heights for most users.
  • Has 14 inch, ball-bearing wheels for easy mobility in challenging terrains. 
  • Has the engine that is easy to start even by a single pull on the cord.


  • The wheels may not last the entire lifetime of the trimmer.

2.Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT 15022 150cc Field Trimmer

Warranty:            2 Years

Cutting Diameter: 22ʺ

Engine Size:          150cc

Line Size:              0.155ʺ

Price:                      $$$

This Walk-behind String Trimmer has an equal to the task heavy-duty engine of 5.75 ft. /lbs torque that can easily be started with the help of manual recoil, which facilitates the fuel delivery in a heartbeat.  

Now talk less of mobility, this is perfectly sorted out for you with the help of 12ʺ wheels in place that offers you unlimited movements as the machine performs miracles right before you.

Working even on the uneven terrain as well as the steep hills has been made perfect with the special wheels in place.  

Meanwhile, the comfort you experience with this Push Weed eater on Wheels is amazing. Its handles come with anti-vibration foam grip and can be folded too for easy storage and transportation.

For the best experience, the Trimmer comes with a quad 0.155ʺ diameter line trimmer head.

With this trimmer in your hands, overgrown weeds or those hard-to-reach areas are no longer a factor because it is specially designed for that. It is simply a perfect match even for dry grass and weeds.  

This trimmer also has special designs, the time-saving options for customers that include cleaning, cutting, digging, blowing, edging, splitting, shredding, trimming as well as tilling applications. 

The user-friendliness of the machine cannot be overemphasized as assembling, starting and running are as easy as counting your own fingers. And of course, the engine is gas-powered. 

Starting has been made easier with the presence of a recoil starter cord. Not forgetting the provision for cord adjustments that can be used to replace the string.  


  • Convenient for users with different preferences as it comes in manual and electric starter designs.
  • Provides more than one option for the blade because it can accept the Dura and Beaver blades respectively.
  • Comes in special designs that are suitable for both residential and commercial uses.
  • Have fewer limitations on how far you can go with it. With the help of an offset frame design, it can trim against foundations and fence lines.


  • Quite expensive compared to other trimmers on the market.

3. DR Trimmer Mower (Premier)

Warranty:              2 Years (Residential use) & 90 days (Commercial use)

Cutting Diameter: 22ʺ

Engine Size: 

Line Size: 

Price:  $$$

This Push Weed eater on Wheels has special offers that do not restrict the users in terms of powering it. It has two distinct designs, of which one is manual and the other one electric. 

The weed eating monster is powered by Briggs and Stratton OHV engine with the capacity of 6.75 ft.-lbs torque. 

Here is something your ears want to hear, to handle this Weedeater String on Wheels you don’t need to be a heavy weights champion as it is lightweight and easy to move around. 

More good news about this weed eater you must not miss includes the fact that you have no restriction to only one blade to use on the machine. Instead, it accepts optional Dura and Beaver blades. 

The trimmer also has capacity to chop trees up to 3ʺ in diameter within the shortest possible time, which means it’s not time wasting equipment.

Still talking about blades, don’t miss this one; the trimmer has a special blade brake clutch design that allows the user to stop the trimmer bead from spinning while the engine is still running. 

This Walk behind String Trimmer also features two large 14ʺ resin wheels that make it more convenient to make unlimited movements within your working space while covering 22ʺ cutting width. 

In order to have the mower totally under your control the Premier has a provision to make 5 adjustable heights according to one’s own convenience. The settings range from 1.5ʺ to 3.5ʺ. 

Have work done without getting obstructed by obstacles and the Premier has you covered already. It has an offset frame design that allows it to trim against foundations and fence lines. 

Do you have a concern about how weather elements affect your equipment? Well, with Premier, you are protected from collision as it has a special fortified front with a cast aluminium nose plate.

Starting the engine is also nothing to worry about, especially where it concerns the cords. This Weed eater String Trimmer on Wheels accepts 175 mil cords that are thicker and durable. 


  • Convenient for users with different preferences as it comes in manual and electric starter designs.
  • Provides more than one option for the blade because it can accept the Dura and Beaver blades respectively.
  • Comes in special designs that are suitable for both residential and commercial uses.
  • Have fewer limitations on how far you can go with it. With the help of an offset frame design, it can trim against foundations and fence lines.


  • Quite expensive compared to other trimmers on the market. 

4. Black + Decker MTE912 12-Inch Electric 3-in-1 Trimmer/ Edger and Mower, 6.5-

Warranty:              2 Years

Cutting Diameter: 12ʺ 

Engine Size:

Line Size: 1.6ʺ – 2.4ʺ

Price:           $$$ 

This trimmer is designed as a 3 in 1 machine. This implies that it has three major conversions namely; mowing, Trimming and Edging. 

It has an AFS automatic feed system that provides the capacity for it to work with continuity without bumping or even having to stop in between the working process. 

In addition, the 3 in 1 Walk behind String Trimmer has a gear drive transmission system that helps to avoid bogging down. 

Despite not coming with an extension power cord, the 3 in 1 weed eater consists of the 6.5 Amp motor that brings about effective performance to the maximum. 

Depending on your convenience the trimmer is available both in corded and cordless versions, where the cordless uses a battery that has an initial 20 Volts maximum voltage.

With the 3 in 1 trimmer even the mobility was sorted out for you in advance. It has 4 wheels that make it very user friendly where movements are concerned. 

When you get a 3 in 1 Walk behind String Trimmer you have no restriction to a single option of how high the wheels can go. Rather, this machine’s wheels have capacity to be lowered or raised to suit once desire. 

This Push Weed eater on wheels also constitute a special foot pedal that makes the removal as well as insertion of the parts used for trimming, mowing and edging easier. 

You no longer have to trim, mow or even edge your lawn on a limited height or angle of the handle. This trimmer allows you to adjust both the height and the handle while you do your work comfortably.


  • It’s a multi-purpose tool i.e. can be used for mowing, trimming and edging.
  • Convenient enough even for outdoor work without restrictions.
  • Can easily be stored even in homes that have minimal space. 
  • User friendly. It can be easily converted using a foot pedal. 


  • There is no extension power cord for the corded as it does not come with one. 

5. Earthquake 28463 String Mower, Red/ Black

Warranty:            5 Years

Cutting Diameter

Engine Size: 150cc

Line Size

Price:    $$$

The Earthquake 28463 string Mower is among the best-selling Walk behind String Trimmers whose function know no limits. 

Its convenience include how easy and effortless it is to make adjustments to the handle bar by simply using the knobs, which in turn helps to store as well as transport the equipment easily. 

The durability is quite incomparable since its deck exists as a single piece without any seams. As a result, this design allows the user to use it comfortably with fewer vibrations. 

When it comes to mobility, the Weed eater String Trimmer on wheels has 14ʺ wheels that do not go flat under any circumstance. 

The wheels are high and their design simply allows them to float over uneven ground as well as overgrown weeds. The wheels simply make the weed eater unbeatable even by foliage too difficult for common push mowers. 

This weed killer is powered by a very strong but quiet gas Viper engine with the capacity of 150cc. This allows the user not only to have a peaceful mind when working but makes the work even fun. 

The use of this man machine is so multi-dimensional; one can use it for mowing, trimming as well as clearing any brushes. 

Its cutting ability cannot be limited by any type of weed or brush. It chops unsightly weeds and stubborn brush without compromising. 


  • Convenient for mowing, trimming and brush clearing.
  • Comfortable to work with, no tingly or noisy feelings after work.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Has capacity to adjust one of the most important features on the machine, the handle.


  • Over time, the knobs for adjusting the handles might begin to fail i.e. might get loose. 

In conclusion, managing weeds doesn’t have to be an issue after doing a review of the given Walk behind String Trimmers. Moreover, one of the most convenient machine that can be recommended is the Black + Decker MTE912 12-Inch Electric 3-in-1 Trimmer/ Edger and Mower, 6.5- due to its capacity to multi-function.

It has ideal designs such as the cordless as well as the corded features, which makes it very user friendly depending on what one finds fit. 

In addition, one can easily mow, trim and edge the lawns with ease and at the same time. As a result, even time saving is not a big deal when the 3 in 1 trimmer is being used. 

Talk of making adjustments, it’s one of the easiest tools one can easily adjust without even requiring to have a special skill. Go and get the weeds eaten, even if it would mean leaving your wallet with a few coins, it would be worth it! 

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