10 Best Outdoor Hanging Egg Chairs

Outdoor Hanging egg chairs can add something extra to your home or patio. A strategically placed hanging egg chair can transform your bland yard to a beautiful resort.

Not only does an outdoor hanging egg chair look amazing, but it is also a comfortable place to sit in. All you need is to fall into these chairs and feel your stress melt away. These chairs can awaken the romantic in the most cynical of us, especially when we are curled up with our loved one. 

In this article, we will consider 10 of the best outdoor hanging egg chairs on the market. These are some of the bestsellers across stores, both online and offline. Therefore, if you are in the market for a hanging egg chair, this article can help you choose the right one.

What makes them so great?

Many people wonder why egg chairs are so appealing. Is it the lovely design? Is it the soft cushions? Is it the slow, swinging movements? No one knows! But what we do know is that these chairs are very comfortable and can lift a bad mood.

Hanging egg chair backyard advisor

They are very cozy and create a magical atmosphere. They are a great spot to hang out in. They are infinitely more comfortable than the sofa or chair. You can spend hours in them without realizing the passage of time.

There are different ways to hang these chairs. Some of them can be hung indoors from the ceiling, or outdoors from a tree. If you do not want the hassle of hanging from such places, they come with their own stands.

Even when unoccupied, these seats bring about a change to a space. They draw you in and create a wonderful atmosphere.

If you have never used these hanging chairs, you have no idea how much fun you’re missing out on. Hopefully, we have convinced you to get one

Now let’s consider the 10 best outdoor hanging egg chairs you can buy.

1. Christopher Knight Home Tear Drop Hanging Chair

If you are looking for a hanging egg chair that works both indoors and outdoors, the Christopher Knight Home hanging chair will meet your needs.

It can be your outdoor hanging egg chair. It is spacious and has enough room to contain even very large persons. With dimensions of 37″depth, 27″ width, and 77″ height, it can comfortably seat even tall folks. And with a weight capacity of 300 lbs., you can rest assured your weight won’t break it.

The Christopher Knight hanging wicker chair has a very comfortable and luxurious feel to it. It might not be a premium hanging chair, but provides some of the most relaxed and comfortable experiences in an egg chair.

The tear-drop shaped seat hangs from an iron chair stand. This stand is quite some distance away. Hence, it might appear wobbly. And if it’s outdoor and there’s a strong wind, it might make you feel slightly uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, it is still one of the best hanging egg chairs available. We love how the cushion stretches all the way up the back. This makes it super comfortable. 

The Christopher Knight hanging egg chair comes in just 1 color. Despite the lack of variety, the color isn’t bad to look at. This keeps pace with the quality products Christopher Knight is known for. 

The finish is clean and stylish. And the tear-drop design is a touch of genius.


  • The tear-drop design is beautiful
  • The Faux Wicker material seems strong
  • The chair is at a good level


  • It comes in just 1 color
  • The cushion, while long enough, could do with extra padding
  • The base could be made sturdier

2. Boho-Chic-Style Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

This hanging egg chair comes with a steel frame that lends support and strength. It can carry up to 300 lbs of weight. 

The outdoor hanging egg chair has one of the best looks of all hanging lounge chairs on the market. It comes with a resin wicker that strengthens and beautifies it. The driftwood finish adds elegance and a modern look.

You can leave this hanging chair outdoors to the mercy of the elements without any worries. It is powder coated with weather resistant materials. However, the cushion itself is not water resistant. Thus, you might have to bring it in every night so that humidity does not ruin the material.

Aside from the appealing look, it is also very functional. The interior of the hanging chair is very spacious. The 47″ width, 41″ depth, and 75.5″ height ensure there is enough space to be comfortable in it.

Like the Christopher Knight hanging egg chair, it also comes in 1 color. Combined with the driftwood finish, it has a Caribbean vibe to it.

Assembling this chair is very easy and can be done in a couple of minutes, even with any instructions.


  • Strong, sturdy design
  • Rubber soles to prevent scratching the floor
  • Beautiful egg design
  • Efficient customer support and service delivery


  • The width of the basket causes it to hit the stand, especially when swinging

3. Modway 739-Nav-Set Egg Swing Chair

This patio hanging egg chair is one of the pricey lounge chairs on this list, but it is worth every dollar.

It is an absolutely stunning chair that looks perfect wherever you place it. It does not just look good, but it’s sturdy too. It can carry up to 265 lbs. Thus, you can sit in it comfortably and securely.

It is a very stable chair that does not suffer from wobbling like some of its contemporaries. Furthermore, the sole of the stand comes with a rubber coating, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your floor.

With a beautiful egg design and strong performance, this patio hanging egg chair is worth the cost.


  • Compact hanging Strong, sturdy design egg chair that can fit into small spaces
  • The natural look and finish looks great and can fit into any decor
  • It has a steel chair frame which makes it stronger
  • Very easy to assemble
  • The cushion covers every area of the seat


  • It is more expensive than rival products
  • Does not come with installation instructions

 4. Flower House FHEC100-RD Egg Chair

This is the first outdoor hanging egg chair that features a mesh design rather than the more conventional wicker design. Nevertheless, it still puts up a very strong performance.

A budget pick, this egg swing chair might be cheaper, but it doesn’t compromise on quality. With dimensions of 43″ length, 27″ width, and 66″ length, it can comfortably sit big and tall people. It has a weight capacity of over 250 lbs. Switching things up, it comes in 4 different colors.

The small size makes it a great kids hanging egg chair. However, it can also be used by adults as an indoor and outdoor egg swing. The mesh is weather resistant, and the steel frame is powder coated. Hence, you can leave it outside without worries. With a 360° turning angle, this egg chair is fun to sit in.

The fabric, while weather resistant, it light enough to allow lights in for reading.


  • Very attractive price
  • Water resistant and compact
  • Comes in different colors


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Light cushion padding

5. Island Gale Luxury 2 Person Egg Chair Swing

This wicker swing chair delivers outstanding performance and is excellent for couples.

It has two seats, which means it can handle a great deal of weight. Where other chairs can handle up to 300 pounds, the Island Gale Luxury egg chair can handle up to 528 pounds!

The 58″length, 47″ width, and 78″ height means there’s enough space and legroom for everybody. It comes in 1 color.

The resin wicker the chair is made of is 100% weather resistant. The hand-woven UV-resistant fabric. The steel body is rust resistant since it has a powder coating. The cushion is big and stuffed to make it very comfortable.

The two swing attachments make for an entrancing swinging motion. With a sturdy design, there’s no danger of tumbling over. The chair is surprisingly easy to assemble and support team readily available.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fabric is completely water resistant
  • Extra-large space
  • Natural swinging sensation from the double stand design
  • Cushion is stuffed to ensure comfort
  • UV protected fabric


  • It is expensive
  • Unpacking can be cumbersome
  • Just 1 cushion color
  • Back cushion too low for some people

6. Belleze Hanging Wicker All-Weather Swing Chair

This list won’t be complete without the Belleze Hanging Wicker chair. It is a favourite among many buyers and reviewers.

It is made of one of the sturdiest materials for outdoor hanging egg chairs: resin wicker. As a result, it is strong and durable. The Belleze Hanging Wicker chair can handle up to 250 lbs. It offers functionality and extra features that make it appealing.

For example, it has a drink holder so that you can relax in style. It also features a polyester fabric for the cushion. This can be used in all types of weather.

It is elegant and functional. The fabric is weather resistant and offers UV protection. The frame is coated with powder to prevent corrosion. 

Complete with a stand, this hanging egg chair is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Cushion fabric is from polyester so that it can be used in all types of weather
  • Strong frame is rust resistant
  • The chair comes with assembly tools
  • Drink holder is very functional


  • Crossbar design is uncomfortable while swinging.

7. Egg Nest Wicker Rattan swing chair

The Egg Nest Wicker Rattan swing chair is another chair that is better shared together.

We love the look of this chair. It is great for your outdoor space and will enhance your decor. There are so many things to love about this chair.

For example, it can hold a weight of up to 418 pounds. While that isn’t the highest number on this list, it shows how strong this egg chair is. It comes in a black and orange colour combo, which makes it stand out pleasantly. The stand is sturdy and durable

The cushion is padded to ensure comfort and stability.

The 49″ width, 52″ depth, and 82″ height means it can comfortably seat two people at a time.


  • Can seat two people comfortably
  • The stand is sturdy and durable
  • Cushion is adequately padded to ensure comfort
  • Color combination is rare and pleasant to behold
  • Easy to assemble


  • It makes a squeaky sound that can get annoying over time

8. ART TO REAL Outdoor Wicker Egg Hanging Chair

The frame is a metal frame that has been treated with powder coating. Hence, it is resistant to the elements and especially to corrosion. Surprisingly, despite the frail-looking frame, this outdoor hanging egg chair can carry up to 350 pounds. Therefore, it is great for both adults and children.

The cushion comes at 3.15″ thickness. This is very comfortable and gentle. It is also water and UV resistant. You can keep this chair outdoors without bringing it in every night.

With its sturdy design, minimalist look, padded cushion, and general functionality, it is ideal for you.


  • Modern, minimalist design
  • Can carry up to 350 pounds
  • Metal frame is corrosion resistant
  • Cushion is weather resistant and UV resistant
  • It is easy to assemble


  • Relatively expensive

9.  Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Swing Chair

The Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Swing Chair is a great hanging egg chair that has a relatively large amount of sitting space and may be exactly what you need. With a padded cushion that can support your whole body, it delivers on comfort and functionality.

The chair has a powder coating that protects it from corrosion and other effects of the elements. You can use it freely outdoors.

Furthermore, it features a resin wicker that is one of the strongest materials for making egg chairs. The resin coating is embedded with the frame. Thus, it is very difficult to chip. With this chair, you do not require periodic resin coating of the frame. You can also use the chair indoors.

The chair doesn’t only look good, but can safely seat up to 220 pounds of weight. It stand features a minimalist design that is steady and provides total stability.

The cushion and the materials used are weather and UV resistant. If you make this investment, be assured you will enjoy using this chair for a long time.

The chair also features an adjustable seat. You can change the height to whatever you require.


  • Can carry up to 220 pounds of weight
  • UV and weather resistant materials
  • Easy to maintain and set up
  • Comes with cushions
  • The height is adjustable


  • Cushions are a bit small

10.  Generic Wicker Rattan Swing Bed Chair

The last egg chair in this review is the Generic Wicker Rattan Egg chair. This chair can be used indoor or outdoor.

It features a frame that can comfortably carry up to 275 pounds of weight. It features a nice looking white aluminum stand.

The cushion is lime coloured and can be used in all types of weather. With dimensions of 40″ width, 48″ depth, and 80″ length, it is comfortable to sit in for big folks and tall people.

Additionally, it is very easy to assemble.


  • Can carry up to 275 lbs
  • Strong frame
  • Nice seat height
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to assemble


  • Cushion requires more padding

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying a Hanging Chair

There are many outdoor hanging chairs on the market. Choosing the right one for your bedroom, living room, patio, and yard can be a daunting task. 

Aside from giving you the 10 best hanging chairs available on the market, we will help you discover what to look for when buying any hanging chair.

1. Weight

Since it is likely your chair will be placed in an unconventional area, for example, it might be hung from the ceiling, it is important you consider weight.

If the chair is too heavy, it can cause accidents during use. You have to take note of the weight of the chair, and the amount of weight it will be carrying during use.

You also need to determine if the chair is meant for just one person or two. The more persons using a chair, the heavier it will be. Or you might be the kind of person that loves the ample space you get from a 2-person hanging chair!

No matter the number of people that will use the chair, you need to have an idea of where you will place it. 

2. Cost

As with every product on the market, you have to consider the cost. Hanging chairs are relatively expensive compared to other hanging accessories like hammocks.

Many of them come with a stand and have some form of steel frame. They also have cushions. Therefore they are quite pricey. However, buying the right one is worth it!

The price of hanging chairs ranges from the $350 mark up to $900. The reason for such disparity is that the higher the price, the better the quality. If you are planning on buying an expensive hanging egg chair, it is safer to buy from a reputable brand. That way, you can be assured of its high quality.

It doesn’t make sense going for something relatively cheap only for it to break in less than a year.

The planned use also affects the cost. If 2-3 people are going to use a hanging chair, it has to be of sturdy quality. This will increase cost. Expensive models can carry up to 450 pounds in weight while cheap ones can’t exceed the 300lbs mark.

Furthermore, if you already have a hammock stand, there’s no need to buy a stand.

3. Durability

This factor is an important consideration. The durability of your chair will be affected by the materials it is made from. Wicker hanging chairs are usually very durable.

Furthermore, some folks like the option of carrying these chairs around. Therefore, they must be able to take a beating.

Since many of them have steel frames, it is important that the frames are powder coated with corrosion resistant materials. 

If you are planning on outdoor use, you should ensure they are able to withstand inclement weather.

4. Design

Hanging egg chairs come in different styles and designs. You can have a black hanging egg chair, egg chair swing, hanging pod chair, and so on. 

Your chair could also be a conventional hanging chair, an egg chair, or even a hammock. With so many options, it’s up to you to decide which you want. 

To help make a good decision, take stock of the existing furniture in your home or space. It will be best to choose a design that will fit in with what you already have.


Spending some time outdoors can be exciting and refreshing. With the right hanging egg chair, you can do this in style and enjoy the outdoors even better. These chairs are an adorable option that helps beautify any space. As they come in different styles and colours, there are many options to choose from.

So whether you are using these chairs indoors or outdoors, we hope this review will help you choose the best one that meets your needs.

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