Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Celebrating your birthday is a special event that needs to be shared with family, loved ones and friends. Adults love parties as much as kids, and it’s really nice when people honor your birthday by sharing the day or the evening with you.

If you’re celebrating this important milestone in your life, such as the big turn of the thirties, forties, fifties, or even sixties, then this anniversary should be celebrated with lots of fun.

Whether your birthday party is in your backyard, rooftop, garden, or at a local park, outdoor birthday parties will be a hit since everyone will have time to run around, get naughty and have fun as they wish. If you’re looking to celebrate your birthday anytime soon and would like to ditch the idea of indoor parties, here are several outdoor birthday party ideas for adults 

1. Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Rather than buying a cinema ticket, won’t it be fun to organize an outdoor movie night for your family and friends? However, it’s important to create a movie theme that will make the event a memorable one.

Whether you go for Dracula, the Avengers or Gladiator, ensure you have the right costumes to support the idea. You could play the movie as part of the night activity if you have a backyard theatre or stage a live play around it. However, the most important thing is for your decoration and soundtrack to match the movie’s theme.

2. Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Adults 

Instead of matching your decoration with the theme of your living room, throw your party outdoor. You could choose your backyard, front yard, or a public park as the venue. Areas with trees and flowers give a more natural theme. 

3. Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Adults – Party On the Beach

Young Party People having fun at the beach

If you live on the coast and have a beach nearby, a beach party is the perfect outdoor birthday party idea for adults. During the day, go with your friends for a picnic, play volleyball and swim if the water is good. Do not forget sunscreen and your hat.

4. Un-Usual Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Tailor your theme and decoration around the Middle Eastern style. Replicate an Arabian night style party. Set up your lawn under a tent and beautify with colorful floor cushions spread around the patio and choose Middle Eastern music to create a refreshing atmosphere. Asking your guests to dress like the Arabians will add more spark to this event.

5. Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

The best outdoor birthday party idea for adults is one that’s centered around simplicity. To organize an outdoor party, you have to access your furniture and the number of guests. If the number of guests exceeds the number of patio chairs, the easiest option is to use your dining chairs along with stools or rent folding chairs.

6. Birthday Party Decoration Ideas for Adults

In a birthday party, the decoration is as important as the theme of the party. To choose the most appropriate, you must take into account the theme of the party, the style you are going to use, and choose the appropriate materials. You have different options to choose from, such as ropes, cardboard, balloons, and bouquet flowers.

7. Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Remember those picnics you went on with your family when you were a kid? Think of how fun it was compared to throwing a party indoor where almost all the guests present were unfamiliar. If you’re about fun and games, a party hosted outdoor allows you to engage in all kinds of activities which guarantees fun. Activities like water balloon toss, tug of war, and catch the flag can be so much fun, especially when the kids are allowed to participate.

8. Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Even though most of us have attended one or two backyard beach parties, we often ignore this option when throwing an outdoor party. Beach themed parties are one of the easiest to organize, and decoration are easy to find. All you need to set this up is shells, tiki torches, and beach balls.

To add more spark, you can set up a volleyball court and organize a volleyball competition among your guests.

9. Simple Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

A simple birthday party shouldn’t be devoid of fun. Rather than sitting alone and cutting your cake all by yourself, invite a few friends over and demand they put on their best outfit. Take selfies, do barbeque in your backyard, and engage in games to lighten up the evening. ‘Truth or Dear’ is an excellent way to keep everyone engaged and find out your friends dirtiest secret.

10. Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

If you want to spend this special day in the open, try to organize an afternoon playing paintball, laser combat or karate in yellow humor style. If sport is your thing and you want a bit of adrenaline, go cycling or horse riding. If you want an unforgettable day and you have the sea nearby, a good choice is to hire a catamaran route. Some companies offer water activities. You can stop in small coves to eat, and even party inside the boat.

11. October Birthday Party Ideas

If your birthday falls in the month of Halloween, a Halloween theme party seem perfect for your event.  You should know that the decoration of the party has to be different and hosting it outdoor when everywhere is dark will make the party even scarier. Organize an original party for Halloween night and ask your friends to dress in disguise. You can organize a costume contest and give a prize to the one who is best dressed. You will see how they would work a little more on their appearance, and your party will be a success.

12. Cool Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

We all have our favorite TV characters. What better way to spice up your party than asking everyone to dress as their favorite characters from their favorite TV series. Imagine seeing your friends dress like Spiderman, Batman, OJ Simpson, Robin Hood, Neville, or Captain America. This no doubt beats the cliché party costume, which sometimes might be boring for a birthday party.

13. Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Group of friends enjoying party and throwing confetti. Friends having fun at rooftop party.

A birthday in the summer isn’t a simple idea. With the holiday on one-hand and the weather on the other, you have a lot of activities to engage in. This is the time where most festivals hold. Hence, you can choose to attend one rather than launching a regular indoor party. If that idea doesn’t appeal to you, you could go bowling, hiking or even swimming at the beach. Remember to take your camera along to capture every moment.

14. 25th Birthday Party ideas for adults

A 25th birthday party should be as creative as ever. At this point, you’re expected to be at the top of your career. Nothing short of a big celebration is expected. For the birthday girl, going shopping with your BFF during the day and hosting a pool party at night is an excellent way of celebrating this milestone. For lovers of sport, you could engage in a sporting activity with your close pal and round up your day with a visit to a club.

15. Birthday Party food ideas for Adults

Everyone loves cakes, but having a great party goes beyond that. Treat your guests to several local and continental dishes. Foods like crispy chicken, pepper meat, sausage, and peppercorn dogs, as well as fried rice and chicken, are ideal for outdoor parties. Your cake should go beyond icing decorations. Instead of the conventional cakes, opt for chocolate cakes to have your guest biting their nails.

16. 50th Birthday Party ideas

Planning this milestone event doesn’t have to be stressful. The decorations and themes can be handled by the kids while you concentrate on entertainment and list of guests. At 50, you should feel like a young soul in an old body. Don’t be shy of hitting the dancing floor, or playing games with the kids. You could organize a flashback party where one of the kids stage a play centered on major events and achievements in your life.

17. December Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

With the festive period around the corner, you have to deal with few friends hitting the road or your invitations getting turned down due to lots of events going on. Rather than hiding under the blanket, attend festivals and make new friends as they’re bound to be new faces in the city. You can start this special day by visiting the less privilege and dashing out gifts, bonfire party at noon and a ride in a limo to the cinema at night.

18. Birthday Party Game Ideas for Adults

Every party needs the right amount of fun and birthday parties are no exception. It will do no harm to play games at your party. This will keep the whole guests engaged and reduce boredom. Games like Ring toss, bucket ball toss, and sack race are perfect for outdoor parties.

19. Birthday Party Ideas for Adults At Home

Transforming your backyard into a paradise is easier and cheaper than booking an expensive venue. Rather than bringing out all furniture, simply spread a colorful rug on the floor, floating couch for guests to be sited and position flower vase on each corner to pull space together.

20. Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas for Adults

Are you a fan of hip hop or jazz? Or do you prefer urban music? Whatever your choice, ensure the music is tailored around your taste. Organize a list of 20 of your favorite songs to be played at your party but ensure your taste of music isn’t awkward or you might risk boring your guests. For a big party, inviting a live band will keep everyone on their toes while a comedian will get you cracking your ribs.

21. Small Birthday Party Ideas

A small party is a good way to celebrate this special day with the most special people in your life. It could be a gathering of friends or few family members. Hosting this type of party no doubt reduce expenses but is the most comfortable choice for those on a budget. It could be a picnic on the beach. You could initiate a game where everyone tells you the trait they admire about you and those they don’t.

22. Surprise birthday party ideas for adults

If you have a friend or family member celebrating a birthday, ditch the ideas of wishing them a happy birthday over the phone. Keep them in suspense by pretending to forget it’s their birthday while planning a party without their knowledge. Send an invitation to all their friends and close relatives. Have everyone gather at the venue. It could be around the beach, public garden, or swimming pool. Have everyone scream ‘happy birthday’ once the celebrant arrive.

23. Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Confetti flying around group celebrating a party with large cake and drinks on table in front of them

If you’re tired of the same old party ideas and you want something different this year, add more creativity. A milestone birthday party can be unique even without breaking the bank. Rather than trying to impress your guests, tailor everything around your needs. Starting with costume, decoration as well as foods and drinks. You could choose to throw either a small or big party; it all depends on your budget.

24. Easy Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Birthday party in club

It isn’t compulsory to have a high budget to host a nice party. There are easy ways of hosting a party without feeling stressed out at the end. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden and the sun is there, take advantage of this outdoor area to organize games and other fun activities. Even though most games can be played indoor, some activities that require space can only be done outside the house.

25. Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults


Rather than adopting a modern party theme, you can choose a party theme from the ’60s ’70s or even ’80s. For those in their 50’s, the ’80s party brings back memories of the good old days where bushy hair and big shoulder pads were a trend. For the ladies, you could go shopping during the day or buy a ticket to watch a blockbuster movie at the cinema at night.

26. January Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Because is winter doesn’t mean you have to stay indoor. A birthday celebrated alone can’t be compared with that celebrated outdoor and in the company of your loved ones. Put on your favorite outfit and go for a picnic or horse riding on the beach. Take this chance to see what the city looks like at night. If you stay in places where night beach parties are organized, attending one won’t be a bad idea.

27. Good Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Another way of celebrating a birthday party without worrying about offending a few people for not sending invitations is to plan a road trip with your close friends. Here, you get a chance to visit famous and historical places like the pyramid of Egypt, Eiffel tower, statue of liberty, and Asclepius in Greece.

28. Best Birthday Party Event for Adults

Rather than hosting your birthday at a restaurant or at home, go overboard with a beach party. Having a party at the beach is unique and comfortable. No need to worry about your neighbors complaining about loud noise from your apartment and neither will you spend the next morning cleaning up the mess left behind. At the beach, you can engage in games and other fun activities.

29. Big Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Since you will be inviting the elites in the society, the decoration needs to be unique. Place the outdoor cushion in areas where the special guests will be sited. Flower bouquet, patterned cloths will give your party a modern outdoor look. Since guests at outdoor parties tend to sit for long, tables for dinner and snacks will be required.

30. House Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Hosting a party at home, you have the advantage of entertaining your guests with home-made delicacies rather than relying on small chops. A backyard barbeque party is also a perfect theme for an outdoor house birthday party. Having a swimming pool is an added advantage since pool parties is a present trend.


Whether you’re 30, 40, or even 50; it does not matter! The most important thing is to hold a birthday party in style. The changes of the decade, as the word, says, only happen every ten years. So, a party of the decade does not happen every day either.

 Organizing a birthday party can be very simple if one wishes but adding more creativity will create memorable moments. Throwing an indoor birthday party comes with limitations which may affect the mood of your guest. Outdoor parties come with aesthetically pleasing decorations, especially when you have nature by your side. However, the birthday theme should be tailored towards your taste. Because, going through a decade is not easy, so everything should be about you and remember to celebrate like you just turned 20.

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