How Can I Make My Backyard Fun In The Winter?   

Backyards tend to go a bit dead after the Christmas season. Most trees are bare, there may be frost or snow on the grown and the grass is brown. Even so, there are things you can do to make your backyard fun during the dreariest part of the year. 

What can I do to make my backyard more enjoyable in the winter? You can pump up the fun in your backyard by leaning into the winter season instead of fighting it. Things like snow painting, snow games, bubble freezing, treasure hunts, birdhouses and feeders, and a fire pit can enhance your family’s time outside. Add pillows, blankets, and other things for comfort to enhance your backyard.

Read the rest of the article to find out how to make your backyard the most fun in the neighborhood this winter!

Go Beyond the Typical Winter Day

Everyone loves it when it first snows. You build snowmen, throw snowballs, and make snow angels. However, the fun can wear off by February but the snow is still there. It’s time to get creative and use what you have for new activities. 

Snow Painting

Painting in the snow brings out children’s creativity and imagination. They can draw something simple or paint murals. The secret to succeeding in this is to pick a washable and non-toxic paint. That way it won’t ruin snow pants or clothes and won’t hurt the environment. 

You may also need to provide some inspiration for your child, like showing them spring pictures they can paint to brighten up the backyard now. 

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Snow Games

There are plenty of games that translate to winter weather, even in snow. You can hang an old tire on the fence or from a tree and see how many snowballs everyone can get to go through the middle. 

You can have a sled or snow disk pushing contest. Pair up family members with one riding and one pushing. See which one can get their sled or disk across the finish line first. 

If you want to make it more challenging, you can make it more of an obstacle course rather than a straight race. Use trees, bushes, and other objects as designation points to turn or circle. 

Bubble Freezing

Who says blowing bubbles can only happen in summer? Blowing bubbles with the circle stick and detergent can produce some lovely results in winter as the bubbles freeze in the air. Their beauty enchants children and adults. 

Plan a Hunt

Scavenger hunts or a treasure hunt can be a lot of fun in a backyard with or without snow. It takes a little planning but either keeps children entertained and involves the whole family. 

With a scavenger hunt, children explore the wintery nature world. You will need to figure out what is available for them to find, but there are plenty of natural wonders in a backyard. A treasure hunt will involve you hiding the surprise, and creating a map of riddles and drawings. Yet, the work is worth the fun the family has as they figure it out. 

Build and Install Birdhouses and Feeders

Winter is a great time to teach kids about birds and how they build their nests for spring. Part of the activity can be for you to work with them to build birdhouses to put in the backyard. Kids can help put food in birdfeeders too. They will soon gain interest in watching which birds come to nest. 

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Install a Fire Pit

Fire pits can provide an outdoor backyard experience that is less troublesome than camping. It can help create family time to talk, sing, make smores, and also gets kids away from television and electronics. 

Make Your Backyard Comfortable

Most people pull in their summer lounging furniture when winter comes. You should still have some winter-weather seating that can withstand the snow and rain. Keeping pillows and blankets for outdoor use in an outside trunk or closet helps keep the family from begging to go in while you’re doing family activities.

Enclose a Space

Those in extreme winter weather may want to consider adding things, like plastic drapes, to enclose your deck or patio during winter. This would prevent wind from coming through and will allow you to enjoy it even when it’s raining or snowing. 

Having an enclosed outdoor space allows for more seating, furniture, blankets, and pillows to remain out there. 

The only concern is to make sure any firepit is properly ventilated if you plan to have it in an enclosed space. There are fire tables that may be better suited for that use. They still give off warmth and fire but don’t produce the smoke.

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You can add to the comfort with winter decor for your deck. It needs to be something that can be easily changed out in spring, but things like small Cyprus trees that be decorated post-Christmas, overlight party lights, Chinese lights, or even white Christmas twinkle lights can add a lot to your patio or deck in winter. 

If you are longing for spring and want something that helps spur it, butterfly lights look lovely on shrubs and bushes. You can create the perfect atmosphere to draw people outside and make for a great backdrop for entertaining.


How do you have a party outside when it’s cold?

You can still entertain in the cold but it takes some planning. You will need fire, either with a fire pit or bonfire. You will also need additional heating like outdoor heaters you can put on your patio, deck, or porch.

Extra lighting will be needed to prevent falls. Be sure to keep extra food and beverages on hand, and make most of them hot items. This is a good time to bring the grill out because it adds warmth and comfort food. 

Include things like coffee, warm apple cider, hot tea, and hot chocolate in your drink selection, along with soft drinks and bar items.

Be sure to have some good entertainment, like music. People forget they’re cold if they’re dancing. 

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What foods do you serve for an outside backyard party in winter?

Keep winter outdoor party foods hot. Things like cheese fondues and chocolate fountains are both intriguing and popular. Anything you can cook on a grill will be liked. For added atmosphere, use camping items like tin mugs for food service. Metal stays warmer longer so your guests will too. Plus, they’re easy to clean. 

Why should I get my family outside in the backyard in winter?

Getting everyone out of the house is good for them and use. They breathe outdoor air instead of recycled air.  Everyone has a chance to move around and get some exercise. 

An added benefit is it keeps everyone off electronics, phones, and away from the television. Plus, it makes for quality family time. 

What if I have more mud than snow?

Some areas are more wet than snowy. Lean into it. Do mud races with bicycles but be prepared for crashes. Build mud snowmen. Make animal tracks and let the children identify them. Sure, there will be a lot of laundry afterward and you’ll probably have to reseed your lawn but it will be something everyone will remember.