How Can I Make My Backyard Attractive?

Backyards can be a great place to spend time relaxing, enjoying the family, and entertaining. Even the plainest backyard can be spruced up without spending a lot of money. Most feel overwhelmed by the sparseness of a backyard but there is a lot you can do even without planting gardens.

What can I do to make my backyard more appealing? The best way to make your backyard attractive is to plan your space to include outdoor living areas everyone can enjoy. That includes things like a gathering place like a patio or pergola, dining or kitchen space, lighting, a fire pit, seating, trees, flowers and plants, a water feature, and landscape edging.

Read on for ways to include these various things to create your dream space. 

The Basics of an Attractive Backyard

The first thing to do to make any backyard space more attractive is to clean it up and maintain it. No backyard looks good with overgrown trees, shrubs, or a fence that needs repairing. 

Simple things like putting fresh mulch on flower beds and creating attractive landscape edging will do a lot to beautify your backyard. 

One important step in creating an attractive backyard is to plan out your space. Certain things like fire pits and water features may have restricted areas they can be placed.

Fire pits must be in an open space at least 10-feet away from structures and water features may need to be connected to the water supply, depending on what you install. 

Two top landscaping desires today are outdoor dining and kitchen areas and firepits. They will be the centerpiece of your design if you include them. 

One aspect of your decision is how much you are willing to spend. Outdoor kitchens can run into thousands when you go with designer brands. You don’t have to go to that extreme. 

You can plan an attractive space around your grills that also meets your needs. Things like a rolling ice chest make for a great bar and adding some usable storage for all your grilling equipment will make you look like a pro at parties.

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Consider Structures and Seating

Seating is a huge plus for outdoor areas. It’s something that should be carefully planned whether it is around a chimney, pool, fire pit, or on a patio. The seating should be colorful and comfy. 

You may want something like a pergola to be your gathering spot or outside dining space. It adds shade and character to a backyard. Plus, you can decorate it with outdoor lighting and plants to make it special. 

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Water Features

Running water is always a good thing to include in any landscape design. This can be done cheaply with a birdbath or small fountain. There are even wall fountains that can be included in a gathering space. It can also be a more expensive project like a small floral pond. 

The trick with water features is to make them timeless as too much personalization doesn’t add value to your home. 

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Fixing Flawed Areas

Take a look at your backyard and determine which areas may be landscape challenges. It can be a bare spot or a corner that just looks abandoned. Set a goal to address the area creatively. 

One idea to hide bare grass flaws is to use a creative hardscape. A stamped concrete patio or colorful tiles under your pergola can add extra pizzazz to your yard. You may also consider a small patch of artificial grass in hard-to-grow areas. 

Corners can be addressed with cascading gardens. This can be done easily using concrete blocks and dirt stacked attractively to allow for plants on every level. 

Fence blemishes can be covered with a mural or hanging outside art there. 

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Plantings Needed

Any yard looks better with trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. Trees are the one thing that adds value to your home the longer they are there. Decide how many and what you should plant and include those in your design. 

However, it can take a few years to get the growth on any of that to show up. While you’re waiting, or if you don’t want a large garden area, you can plant lovely things in containers for your outside area. 

Some flowers with the colors of your design are great but don’t limit yourself. Try your hand at some herbs and vegetables too. Container ideas include putting several together that are used for a particular style of meal like Italian or Mexican.

Set the Mood

Those who want to spend time outside at night need lighting. Party string lights in your favorite style can set the tone for entertaining as well as provide necessary light to avoid tripping. 

Finally, add some things that are all your own like colorful pillows, an outdoor rug, and cool chairs that offer interest. 

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How can I make my yard look nice on the cheap?

Some ideas for a cost-cutting landscape are to add a walkway, plant perennials, add mulch to flower beds, add some planters and decorate with new lighting.

What makes a yard beautiful?

Maintain your grass so that it stays healthy. Keep your yard groomed. Add a container garden or a colorful flower bed, and install a low-cost water feature. You can also build a stone wall or add some decoration to your fence. Adding seating or a hammock can do a lot for a yard.

What can I add to improve my backyard?

The primary thing you can do is create a space for everyone to gather and hang out. That can be adding a deck, patio, or pergola. Creating comfortable seating will ensure people stay. 

What is something I can add to my backyard that adds value to my home?

Many things can add value to your home. Trees are the best investment as they never drop the value of your home. The other two things are an outdoor kitchen and dining area and a deck or patio, preferably with a firepit.

The other high-value item to add to a backyard is to add a privacy fence. That one thing can create an oasis for you but also adds to your home’s marketability and resale value. 

Are backyard renovations worth the cost?

A complete remodel of a backyard can be expensive but it can add value. The general rule is to spend around 10 percent of your home’s value on landscaping. 

The good news is any improvement, even in the backyard, instantly adds to your home’s resale value. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a backyard you and your family enjoy and add value.

Do patios increase a home’s value?

Numbers show that a patio with a good design and construction can add 8 to 10 percent to a home’s value but also results in an 80 percent return-on-investment on resale. It’s best to repair an existing patio as that is cheaper and runs around $1,400 on average. 

Which is cheaper, a patio or a wood deck?

A concrete patio costs much less than a wood deck because of the cheaper materials used. You can stamp a concrete patio to give it a more elaborate look.

What can I do with an uneven backyard?

The best ideas are to use the unevenness in your landscaping. You can do that by creating a terrace garden, making a natural staircase, creating a rock garden, installing a waterfall, or building a destination fire pit at the bottom of the uneven area.