Backyard Desert Landscaping Ideas On a Budget

When people hear of deserts, they put it over the context of barren and sand dunes because bringing a backyard desert into landscaping doesn’t sound nice to them. It’s believed to be dirt and should remain where it belongs but honestly, these ideas can be nicely implemented on a budget whereby it pulls great attention. It is all about knowledge and good planning. Deserts is a beauty on its own, a plant of life and it’s full of wealth that when it is combined will form a beauty.  

Desert landscaping also known as xeriscaping is about your personal idea of style whereby you can form whatever you want of your surroundings. You could decide to create a beautiful calm, simple and attractive realm of beauty. One special factor of desert landscaping is that they are easy to maintain, good growing habits and neat appearances. Having all four all attributed in your home, it is very much at home in any backyard. Another good attribute of this is that it affects the way you set your outdoor furniture, irrigation system, and others.    

Through this article, you will greatly see that backyard deserts can be a great use to your home giving it a high level of functionality and attraction. These desert plants are great choices for people who don’t want to spend lots of time digging in the yard but want a nice, simple and colorful look in their desert garden. This would serve as an inspiration to how you can create your unique idea of paradise.

The idea of creating an artistic kind of planting which could seem minimal does not mean it is minimal plantings. Also, add some rock formations or some artistic object to your design to form a great appreciation and serenity of your style.


Have you ever thought of the idea of building a shallow pond and a small waterfall that keeps the water circulating rather than look for ways to fill your landscape with vegetation? This is a beautiful landscaping idea with a great setting experience with the mirror-like water surface reflecting the desert sunrises and sunsets, awesome.

Desert landscape calls for very careful water management because that is a scarce commodity in the desert. The most frequently used irrigation system for such landscape designs involves the use of drip irrigation. This way there is minimum wastage of water due to evaporation. Such irrigation methods ensure that maintenance of desert landscape designs does not become difficult to manage.

As desert landscaping requires very little maintenance and water supply, these landscape ideas work well anywhere. It does not have to be watered often and so such landscape ideas require comparatively less time and effort which is part of the productivity technique.


Sunlight greatly attracts light colors pulling them into those attraction eyes of yours and this really helps in keeping a cool surrounding. You could add in some bricks and pull up a perfect kind of outlook to your front yard and painting a desert-loving vegetation.


You can have a well – cut and nurtured grassy lawn when the proper care is given to it mostly with a proper irrigation process.  This is about creating your own alternative kind of design because you may not be comfortable in the lawn maintenance procedures.


If you want to portray a good sense of color and style, Stucco is very good for your home because would elevate other details within your landscape. It is all about the portray of uniqueness in your style.

You could also hire an experienced landscape contractor who will easily show you how things should be constructed, how to understand your surrounding and provide useful tips that will help in the maintenance of the yard.


When you want to know how beautiful some areas are, seeing them at night makes you come alive. Most times it highlights the simplicity of both your architecture and how you want your landscape to be like. The lightning also adds to the beauty of the surrounding at night.


If you don’t like large areas to be all landscaped, you could try just building a large area of desert fitting on a spot that beautifully will elevate the surroundings. This perfectly placed oasis of vegetation requires a high sense of desert picks.


Your walkway could look simple but attractive. When you dominate it with green plants around giving it a high sense of good placement. It makes your work easier and further easily maintained providing you with the best living greenery your landscape requires.


As I said, Landscaping is all about your style and choice of beauty. You could decide to leave your yard open to the open sunsets and sunrises and without much, in your view, you can take full advantage of it.


Pools surrounded with rocks is a great definition of beauty in itself. You could imitate the great style of this surrounding by taking good advantage of rocky outcrops or any natural topographical rises in elevation that you may have upon your property with a pool around.


This kind of setting will definitely save you a lot of stress and having to pump water because deserts aren’t always dry and so there will be water from the next rainstorm. This saves from a great deal of so many things. This kind of backyard desert landscaping ideas on a budget, feature in your yard adds a lot of interest and appreciation.   


There is a good feeling of being outside your house and having a great time. With just fewer plants around and some desert features, you could appeal the mind of people because of your proper placement in your landscaping.


You don’t need many plants to fill that desert inspired garden of yours. The way you want it, you can always out pick some of your favorite kinds of plants, not big plants though. This provides a great sense of greenery and serenity. Many of these also provide colorful blooms throughout the growing season 


Rocks is a great feature of good vegetation and surrounding even in architectural decorations. The rock provides a good appeal, which is further supported by green and well-grown plants adding bright blooms of the arid loving green trees on display.  


On your lawn, you can grow some useful grasses with the right amount of maintenance even with very little rainfall. A small one could please your taste giving it a great idea of a good place to be.


Sculpture speaks a lot about what you are maybe or what is on your area, never underestimate the power of a well – placed sculpture. They help with your landscaping design. The sculpture in the picture could mean gravity


The beauty of a waterfall is so much different in almost every way. It brings peace and serenity to your yard. This could also mean an attraction a bounty of beautiful birds.


Merely looking at this landscape gives a sense of tranquility and relaxation.  Introduce small pebbles and you could mix with stepping stones providing a simple pathway through the yard for attraction purposes. 


As simple as that may look, you might just want to have fun doing that, it is a great deal of attraction adding that to a blank area, maybe. This is a quick and easy project anyone can complete and maintain backyard desert landscaping ideas on a budget. You will need some cinder blocks, some succulent plant picks and small cactus. 


The beauty of areas like this which are actually found in the High desert landscapes are in the shapes, colors, and textures of the rocks used. You could boost this style and with some nighttime lightning for more attraction and appreciation.


Most colorful gardens are full of attraction and they really focus on simple colors and shapes for a relaxing experience with a touch of vegetation plants.


Simple plant setting can act as important when they are rightly arranged and nurtured. This could be a perfect yard filler. It also allows the texture and color mix to provide the perfect blend to the rest of your property.


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You could introduce this simple and beautiful setting in your home. It serves a great sense of relaxation and comfort giving your guest some great time at your place. The presence of a small waterfall also gives a great feeling of the afternoon sun.


Matching up the architecture intelligence of your house and great well-nurtured plants is always brilliant. It adds more beauty and attraction especially the color placement and architectural alignment providing a welcoming walkway up the front porch.


This fantastic hot tub and lap pool design are hedged by an embracement of the surrounding horizon as part of the property landscape design. Take a very good advantage of the stunning vista and cacti that dominate the area to provide the semblance of a desert oasis with some native plants.  That could be reformed into a rock garden and a cool signature nighttime lighting


Of a truth, Desert soils are also extremely hard to dig into and they lack nutrients. But, if you want to have some or a lot of these, you could consider creating a series of potted gardens because no one could have the time to be digging grounds and getting sweaty.


Create a small, simple dig of garden beds and some big rocks showing some tough desert varieties, and potted plants can make themselves an attraction in your home.


With a great brick walkway, a dust free kind of desert fix, well-placed lighting and some drops of your favorite cactus, you could welcome your guests serving them some great outlook of nature in your landscaping.


In this kind of landscape setting, you could differently set your own shallow reflecting pool.  Let it take advantage of the surface as it provides some great attraction making the rocks below disappears. This water kind of landscape seems to disappear into the surrounding desert inspired backyard.


Today, having a pool at your backyard serves a great feature in many arid regions because it alleviates the heat of the day and it is a show of great relaxation. Also, polish them beautifully into a natural landscape to show the beauty of the area even without fitting some modern effects.  


Every space they could look small deserves a good definition of elegance, even if it is a small garden plot. You could knowledgeably build a garden into any area you have, define some colors in a great urban setting with some rocks topping the vegetation


Have you ever thought of the combination of a lawn and sock rock formation addition? This is an easy way to fill in the blank spaces on your landscape and to create desert inspired garden beds. You could also add some green textures to add to the rocks providing a good background on the garden.


The uniqueness of a hillside walkway is brilliant because it provides an easy hillside climb surrounded by well-arranged landscaping. Also with this kind of design, the water will easily run down the hill and hit the soil so it can always be without evaporative loss. Through this, the plants will grow taller to be something as attractive as a shade.  


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The uniqueness of this small, simple and clean garden serves a great and interesting idea, just some leaves on your front lawn assisted with the wooden walk rail and the well-nurtured plants could give your guest that urge to look around your house for more inspiration. This serves a great sense of serenity, peace, and tranquility around the house.  


A little fountain around your house gives a good feeling of relaxation, for sure. So, adding some garden beds of flowers will serve as a dual for your outdoor living space.  It requires very little maintenance and they are easy to picture out to give your landscaping an attractive fit.  


It is nice when you use the surrounding landscape as a form of inspiration and further put in some rock formations of some kind or some local plants to increase the elegance of a good walkway. Don’t look down on your ideas of this kind elegant landscaping design. In this type of design above, you could easily add some delicate plants in pots so you can grow them well.


Do you know that green and rich gardens could live side by side with the deserts? Picture this: A desert-inspired perennial garden bed that divided by a simple kind of rock walkway that has been planted will give the front yard a beautiful contrast between varying plant types if introduced.


A yard entirely dominated by the palm trees in a landscape gives it a great design and outlook. This greatly fits the hot weather trees because they easily can survive the drought and still look the best by providing shade beneath. Also, with time as they continue to grow, the trees grow stronger and produce a good kind of vegetation.

An assortment of desert landscaping plants to add colour to this backyard.

A bunch of desert landscaping plants to add color to your backyard. There are many deserts plants to work with like cactus and all but adding an irrigation system allows you to expand your selection and make it grow.

A firepit with seating sits in the corner of this flagstone patio.

There in the picture is a fire pit with seating sits in the corner. This can be a place of relaxation and view of nature, it overlooks a natural desert wilderness landscape and a tall cactus plant and some grasses around the fence.  

This side yard on a corner lot has desert plants set directly in the dry creek bed.

This side yard on a corner lot has desert plants set directly in the dry land giving it an attractive look. This design and the greenery trees roll out well with both the corners and the house. 

A residential zen design for this desert backyard with two bubblers providing the center of attention.

A residential area design, the trees and the sculptures all fitting in well in the backyard setting with two bubblers as a center of attention.

Driveway landscaping in the desert. A dry creek bed meanders down through the yard and native desert plants to the street.

A typical desert landscaping driveway. A dry creek meanders down the yard and native desert plants to the street. Also, you would see the lighting along the driveway edge for safety at night. The flow of everything creates a lot of attraction here.


You could be living in very tight quarters and you could want some adorable garden around your wall, nothing is wrong with you hanging a collection of succulents in your house.


No doubt, having a garden on the ground is beautiful and gorgeous, but, nothing is as befitting as having some touches of art in your gardens like this one above.  Well, they’re nothing short of unforgettable and a sure subject of attraction.

In Addition, Don’t look at the dry, windy, hot weather as a landscaping challenge. Always see it as a great opportunity to put out something unique around your house.  If you approach it the right way, you will definitely have the landscape even more than your previous bare, non-desert one. Be inspired by the beautiful pictures above that made you feel the awe of nature and greatly use it.  

One thing that’s for sure, you’re working with nature and you are expected to carve some nice things out of it and do not try to recreate a landscape design to a different climate. In doing so, and causing yourself a lot of problems in the end. Make choices that are appropriate to your surroundings and will suit your abode. Then, you will find great satisfaction in what things that come out of desert landscaping.

There are many desert trees and grasses that are tolerant to drought. You could try to find out from people that understand well to have clues on how to know the specific species of plants you should consider. There are a lot more options that you may expect. Not only does it look good, but it conserves a lot of water, maybe money and energy to avoid unnecessary stress.

Try to carefully examine and explore the pictures above and work with them. They might be just all you need to get yourself the well-manicured vegetation desert landscape you want if done right.

Also, try utilizing shrubs as foundation plantings or general privacy


Desert landscaping depends so much on the uses of colors, shapes, textures, and of varying materials and plants to provide a yard you have always wanted. In fact, that is what it is all needed.  Fine! Some of these ideas may need a bit less maintenance but, they do require some important attention to the way they are nurtured I mean, in the watering needs to make them grow and flourish.

Desert landscaping plants  should be drought resistant and low maintenance requiring low amounts of water. These desert plants aren’t rare, you’ll notice that they are almost everywhere even on the highways and in some public parks. You really don’t have to be rich to have that perfect area cover of desert landscaping.

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